A New Year

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A New Year         Here's wishing all of you enjoyed healthy, happy holidays and that 2014 brings good things. No doubt you're all aware of the events that took place in December. I'm not able to share much at this point.  Xavier suffered a nervous break down, at no time did he intend to cause harm to me, himself ...

Use of Exercise System Shown to Build Bone Mass and Reverse Effects of Osteoporosis

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(From Yahoo News) NORTHBROOK, Ill., Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A research study published earlier this week in a supplement ofOsteoporosis International, the official journal of the International Osteoporosis Foundation and National Osteoporosis Foundation, substantiates significant increases in bone mineral density (BMD) among seniors using a new exercise system designed for osteogenic loading. This marks the first time ...

Fight Back Against Osteoporosis & Osteopenia in Marin County

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Written by Guest Blogger, Carol Tarlow.................Osteoporosis was not a word in my vocabulary and I had never even heard of osteopenia. Then, a few days after my sixty-sixth birthday, my doctor recommended a bone density scan. The result? I was diagnosed with pre-osteoporosis, or osteopenia. Honestly, I was in shock. I had always considered myself ...

Is bioDensity too good to be true?

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bioDensityTM technology is a scientific breakthrough in the fitness industry and in our understanding of physical conditioning.  Suggesting that a thousand-year-old concept—isometric exercise—could marry technology in a way that increases strength in just 20 seconds a week has a lot of people shaking their heads.  I can’t blame them completely—it does sound too good to be ...


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The bioDensity is a device we use at Body By X, Skill Development & Training Center to increase your bone density and strength through isometric training. Your improvement is tracked by your performance report which is emailed to you after each assessment which you do once week. There are four stations. A chest press, leg press, ...

Change your metabolism

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Your body burns two types of fuels, carbohydrates or fats. If your goal is to reduce your body fat or body fat composition, you must encourage your metabolism to burn fat in order to lose fat. Body By By has the answer, metabolic assessments! By doing both the exercise metabolic assessment (EMR) and resting ...

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