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Join Marin County's Body By X co-owner, Nadia McClinton and take your fitness off the floor!  Fly Gym is a combination of yoga, pilates and resistance training performed in a suspended fitness environment which is like nothing you have experienced before!  Sculpt your body in the air as you tone muscles and increase flexibility.  It's not Cirque de Soleil so no worries if you are afraid of heights.  You will work core muscles, stretch and relieve stress using a swing, ab and wrist straps and rings suspended just inches off the ground.  Are you looking for a different kind of workout? Crunches and push-ups will never be the same!

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In this small group (max 3) or private class, Marin County's Body By X co-owner, Nadia McClinton uses a swing suspended off the floor and a wall to work core muscles, stretch and relieve stress.   Like Fly Gym, you will increase your flexibility and gain strength.  You will experience the countless benefits of inversion--hanging upside down in a swing, including better posture and sleep, elevated mood and brain power and better digestion  Some research suggests that inversion can make you more beautiful.  When there is more blood flow to the head, facial capillaries and hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients.   Acne, cellulite, fluid retention, and varicose veins have also been shown to be reduced by inverting one's body!

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