Xavier McClinton:

Body By X co-owner, Xavier McClinton has been a personal trainer for over 30 years!  He brings experience, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to every personal training session he does with a client.  Xavier specializes in working with youth athletes and adults with injuries.  He's best known, however, for his ability to motivate anyone of any age!  If you need someone to hold you accountable, he's your MAN!  He's also our cycling instructor. As a former dance instructor and choreographer, Xavier weaves cycling and music together to create a great workout. Join him at 6 and 9 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturdays at 7:30 or 8 am (alternating weeks).  You will leave his class feeling like you’ve danced the night away.  


Body By X co-owner, Nadia McClinton, brings her own special flair and passion to the Center.  Gym phobic until she met her husband, Xavier, she is now a huge supporter of the keeping fit lifestyle.  She manages the Body By X Aerial Program at Body By X and teaches Swing Low (an aerial core & stretching class), Intro to Aerial Fitness & Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Fitness. She also teaches Buns & Bellies, a 45 minute glutes and ab class. In addition to personal training, she also does private aerial sessions and aerial parties! With a Masters Degree in Psychology, five years in retail management and four as a Project Manager for a software company, Nadia combines her talent for creating safe, fun exercise classes with the business skills necessary to manage Body By X.


After nearly 20 years as a personal trainer, and with a nod to his graduate degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University, every workout with Charles Walz begins with a simple question, “How do you feel today?” It’s a personal approach designed to not only discover how his clients’ feel physically, but mentally, as well.  As Charles explains, “Each workout should not only help strengthen the bodies, but also the minds and spirits of my clients. Discovering, first and foremost, how my clients are feeling helps to set the tone for our time together. We all feel differently each day and I want to ensure that the workouts are tailored for maximum benefit—whether my clients feel great and have their A-Games, or maybe need a bit of a pick-me-up.” Upon this check-in, Charles incorporates flexibility, cardio and muscle strength/endurance to craft a multi-faceted, custom workout that targets each client’s individual goals and objectives. Bringing best practices expertise to his work, Charles is certified as a Personal Trainer from the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine with enhanced certification in Advanced Personal Training and Exercise and the Older Adult. He has also been certified as a Group Instructor for Spinning and TRX and as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I).

Out of the gym, Charles can be found feeding his passion for the backcountry—backpacking, climbing, snowshoeing and/or cross-country skiing. He’s also never one to miss a long motorcycle tour or good live music.

Charles teaches our TRXtra (TRX and a little more!) classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm.

Andre Allen:


As founder of A2 Peak Performance, Andre developed a love for fitness at a very young age.   Growing up, he had the opportunity to work with a variety of different personal trainers throughout Los Angeles County, eventually earning a Division 1 football scholarship to UC Davis in 2009.  At Davis, Andre was a 3x Team Captain and 6x Scholar Athlete, developing his leadership skills throughout his career.  During his college years, Andre made the most of his opportunity by training other college students and residents in the area, all while training to reach his own athletic potential.  After Graduation, Andre continued to pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time personal trainer by working with some professional athletes, but commits most of his time to men and women who want to burn fat, get stronger, and tone up.

As a result of his journey, Andre designs workouts with the idea that "Workouts should be FUN, FAST, and EFFECTIVE" in mind.  His Circuit-Style Functional Training is unique because it maximizes client abilities to complete everyday tasks, while helping them get stronger, burn fat, and tone up.  Andre guarantees that if you train with him, you will develop motivation and a confidence within yourself that you've never seen before!  

Andre teaches our TRXtra (TRX and a little more) classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am as well as our Group X and Camp X classes.



After years of performing for famous musicians, Viva Celso has returned to the county where she was raised to raise her now two year old son. By the age of 18 Viva had completed two 500 hour yoga teacher training programs, studied all forms of dance and was a published model. She discovered aerial dance in her mid twenties and pursued a career as a performer. Traveling and living internationally, Viva performed with slings/hammocks, silks, Lyra, trapeze, straps and net. She has been a guest performer in television, film, and many stages. In 2014 she was recruited by Cirque du Soleil to perform as a lead aerialist in there Las Vegas nightclub “light”.

Viva teaches our Stretch to the Core class on Saturdays at 9:15 am.