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Are you interested in losing weight? Getting into shape? Building more muscle mass? Gym personal training sessions can help you stay focused on your exercise regimen and build strength, endurance and confidence. Body By X puts the fun back into going to the gym!

Xavier McClinton - Xavier has been a personal trainer for over 25 years, successfully helping hundreds of people reach their fitness goals. His clients have lost weight, competed in marathons and triathlons, won masters rowing events and become key players in basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball and baseball. A former athlete himself, Xavier knows what it takes to be competitive. He also knows the importance of safety. He created JUMP Training Marin, an injury prevention program designed to teach young athletes how to compete efficiently, effectively and safely. Xavier is passionate about making good athletes great and helping everyone reach their fitness goals.

John SpongbergJohn Spongberg - John has been professionally educating, empowering, and coaching clients for over 12 years. He started in the health and fitness field as a personal trainer while attending college where he realized his passion for helping others and transforming clients’ lives.

John's philosophy:  “I am an avid learner and I’m always looking to improve and become a more effective teacher and educator.  Being a good listener and asking the right questions has enabled me to effectively coach and educate clients while exceeding expectations. There are many challenges you face each and every day, but when you really get down to the heart of the matter...are you growing and learning each day?  Are you challenging yourself to your full capability? If you’re not, I suggest you’re stagnant and stagnant means you are unnecessarily suffering. I have committed my life to helping others and empowering clients to improve themselves and their quality of life. We can all make substantial differences and improvements in our lives and in the lives of our families and friends. I help people move and feel better in their everyday life whether that means helping you to remain strong and independent with your life, or incorporating sport specific drills that improve skill levels for your sport of choice. Everyone has their own idea of improving their health and fitness. I promise to listen and design a fitness protocol, or implement a nutritional program that is individualized and effective. I will provide the most comprehensive up to date assessment, evaluation, and fitness practices that are available in the field today."

John founded Personal Training In Marin (PTIM) and regularly blogs fitness tips and wisdom. He is a nationally certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health/Fitness Specialist as well as the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Teri BauerTeri Bauer: After years as a successful regional business manager, Teri turned her lifelong passion for fitness and health into a career as a group instructor and personal trainer. As an athlete, parent, (young) grandparent, busy working professional, Teri understands the challenges to incorporating a fitness regimen in your life. Teri provides 1:1 personal training, small group instruction, yoga and indoor cycling classes throughout the Bay Area. In all her classes,Teri creates a supportive environment welcoming to all those who want to improve their fitness and health.  Her motivational teaching style and use of mental training encourages you to reach your optimum fitness goals.  She takes the time to get to know you and identify your objectives as well as challenges. As a personal trainer, Teri has clients of all ages and specializes in working with women over 35. Her sessions are clear, direct and focused. Exercises are chosen to work multiple complementary muscle groups.  Teri emphasizes form and posture to prevent injury and increase core strength. She creates customized workouts that are diverse and challenging yet fun and motivational to help you achieve your goals. 


As a group fitness instructor, Teri creates a fun and energetic environment. Her indoor cycling classes offer realistic rides and classes that focus on endurance, strength, and interval training, both for the weekend warrior and spinning enthusiast. Her blended Vinyasa flow yoga class provides a powerful workout while accommodating all skill levels. Teri continually challenges herself to learn the new techniques and skills to share with her clients.  She earned certifications in Primary Group Fitness and Personal Training.  Teri holds certifications in yoga and indoor cycling.  Teri is trained in TRX and has CPR certification.

Teri has two grown daughters and two adorable grandchildren.  She has a 4 year old Wheatable (wheaten terrier and poodle mix) named Barney.  She loves to bike, cook, entertain, garden, and read.   

Charles Walz


Michael Marizoni -  Michael is an experienced personal trainer with certification in TRX and  NASM Corrective Exercise.  Corrective exercise is the new buzzword in the fitness industry that the top fitness coaches and physical therapists are using to define a specific type of exercise selection. Corrective exercise is defined as movements that assist in creating balance, stability, and/or mobility in areas that are dysfunctional.Simply put, corrective exercise will be implemented into a program to assist an individual in cleaning up specific movement discrepancies. When you have a movement imbalance, you will be more susceptible to injury. I am going to go through certain issues I see in people and give corrective exercises that can assist each problem.

100%! Corrective exercise can not only help to reduce risk of injury but help you get more out of your workout,  game,  practice or hobby.  It can loosen up tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles as well as improve posture and coordination. You can apply corrective exercise workouts in short bursts as "movement preparation" before your main workout or use them as recovery days in between longer more intense workouts. Everyone should be performing corrective exercise techniques.


Patrick Caron: Patrick Hold a B.Sc degree in Physical Activity Science from University Laval, in Quebec, Canada. He has been involved in training a wide variety of clients since1992 when he started to worked at the University Laval training center. He has been a Marin resident since 2002.  In just recent months, Patrick created Touché Fitness with the objective of offering a wider range of services in collaboration with selected local businesses.

"I have worked with a handful of great trainers when preparing for Olympic, World Cup and X Games competition.  Although I am retired from competing, I consider Patrick to be one of them. I work with Patrick because I trust his judgment and know he understands body mechanics, strength training, and sport specific fitness.  In addition to being a great skier and incredibly strong, Patrick is creative and passionate about fitness. His passion comes through every time I work out with him, which is very motivational.  All of these attributes more than make up for his thick French Canadian accent!"  -Jonny Moseley, Olympic Gold Medal Moguls, Nagano, 1998, X Games Silver Medalist


Oliveyah Salvage is one of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry. She has a masters degree in Exercise Science and holds certifications for personal training and performance enhancement through NASM.  She is a black belt in Kung Fu San Soo and started participating in group classes at age four.  Quickly after she began demonstrations and exhibitions for the International Kung Fu San Soo Association. In addition to her martial arts background, she also grew up playing and coaching competitive volleyball, along with basketball, track and field. After receiving her B.A in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2005, Oliveyah moved to the San Francisco Bay Area as an accredited yoga teacher and started teaching classes in San Francisco and Marin County.  Shortly after she began working as a certified personal trainer creating a training program designed to meet the unique needs and lifestyle of Marin's upper income and time challenged residents. Oliveyah develops programs for people who prefer to workout in small groups or individually with a personal trainer; her programs include outdoor boot camp training, slow-protocol strength training, yoga and custom programs that meet the needs of all fitness levels and ages.



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