Xavier is an awesome personal trainer and a fantastic person. Whatever your fitness goals, he will help you achieve them and go beyond what you even thought possible.  Reaching your athletic objectives is only one part of the package; you will grow as a person and you will have a ton of fun along the way.  Xavier is a master of training, exercises, and techniques.  He will personalize each workout to ensure that you get exactly what you need regardless of where you begin and how fast you improve.  After my workouts, when I leave Body By X, I feel like I am on top of the world.  When I come home from college on break, Xavier is at the top of my call list because I know that working with him leverages my time and effort, and translates to improving my performance on the field.  Regardless of your situation, whether you are a competitive athlete or generally interested in improving your health and fitness, my highest recommendation goes to Xavier.

                                                                                                           Marcus Holzberg


Aurora BeforeAurora After

Aurora Before & After

When I first went to Body By X, I was disgusted with my body and felt defeated by life.  After training with X, my body transformed in ways even I have a hard time understanding.  I’ve lost 18 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 12% total body fat.  I trust X, I trust his knowledge, I trust his expertise and, most importantly, I trust that he has my very best interest at heart.  My body truly is a Body by X!!!

                                                                                                Aurora Cortez           






Katie Quinn came to Body By X after receiving a volleyball scholarship to UC Davis.  She was given a daunting packet of fitness requirements she had to fulfill over the summer, and had no idea where to begin.  In this testimonial she expresses her gratitude to Xavier for not only guiding her through it all but also for changing her perspective on exercise.

“Dear Xavier (X):

I want to thank you for all you did for me prior to my going to college.  You gave me such inspiration and motivation to work out.  Before coming to you, all I had seen were people looking completely bored and miserable while lifting weights.  But let me tell you…you COMPLETELY changed my perspective!   I was far too tense about the idea of lifting before you taught me to loosen up and relax.  That is how it should be.  Exercise should be enjoyable and happiness is in seeing progress.

All my friends were envious about how much fun I was having working out with you, constantly laughing but making progress at the same time.  While they complained in dreadful voices about having to go to the gym, I would say, “oh, yay! It’s time to work out with X!”  Not many people know how to balance fun and work the way you do.  Even though you are not at Davis training me, I have brought your positive, fun attitude to my teammates here.  It’s amazing how much of a difference positive attitudes can make in your life as well as in the lives of those around you.  I wish more kids had an opportunity to work with you because you made such an impression on my life and I know you would do the same for so many others.

A quick update:  This past season went really well!  I was a starter the entire season and really began to feel a part of the team.  In the second half of our season we went 7-2.  I will stop by over break to say hello and catch up.  I miss working out at Body By X and I want to see all the new additions as well!

So thank you for starting me off on a good foot at college and making me believe I can succeed in whatever I put my mind to.  It took time to adjust and enjoy myself here, but, finally, all the hard work is paying off!  If I live in Marin after college, I am most definitely coming back and doing workouts with you!  (Like I am so serious!!)

Thanks so much again!  You are the best X!



Training with X was a great experience. After only meeting with him once, I knew I wanted to continue working with him. Not only was I pushed to my limit, but I also got to make a great relationship with my trainer. Each day I was pushed with varieties of workouts that focused specifically on my goal of training for Volleyball. The fact that X really shaped my workouts and directed them towards my goals in interesting and difficult ways, made me have confidence in him and in myself. I always left the gym wanting a nap, and for me, thats a sign that I had worked hard. I will definitely continue to go back when I can because X always has new workouts to share with me. With the music, friendly people, and energetic environment the Body By X gym is an unforgettable place to workout in. I would definitely recommend X to any of my friends because I know they will be able to achieve their personal goals in his hands.

Savanah Leaf

D1 scholarship Miami University



    Whether you are looking for a place to improve your endurance for a triathlon, or you’re looking for a place your kids will enjoy as much as you, Body By X is the place to be. With a variety of classes and personal trainers including Xavier Mclinton himself, the sky is the limit to what can be achieved. Body By X is filled with a welcoming atmosphere offered by Xavier and his wife Nadia. Their charisma, inspiration, and positive attitudes make Body By X comfortable for anyone, any age. The people you will find here are not your average personal trainers. They will push you to achieve your greatest potential in all aspects of fitness. I had originally contacted Xavier to help me get in shape for rugby this summer, but I obtained a lot more than a little bit of extra strength and stamina. Coach X helped me define my goals and helped me create a work ethic to achieve them. He put me through adversity and stood by my side throughout the journey. Xavier is not just a personal trainer or coach. He and Nadia are mentors, teachers, and friends. Body By X is a perfect fit for anyone.


PJ Winder



I will never forget my basketball coach, Xavier, for as long as I live.  He's 6 ft. 3 and muscular and has a huge presence both physically and mentally.  His muscles are the size of my thighs--they're enormous!  He is a cool guy that can teach the game of basketball just as well as he can teach you how to live life as it should be lived.  He teaches me on the court and off the court.  Xavier is a mentor to me and has helped me a lot with my game.  I really like basketball and work on it frequently.  X always pushes me to do stuff I never dreamed of doing.  

Xavier is also a very funny guy--I could just die laughing sometimes with him.  He is a fantastic person and he has many talents.  X will always stay with me because he taught me that hard work is a fantastic thing and should always be cherished.  He's taught me that if you work hard on something you'll get better at it.  Even though I am good at basketball, X has made me realize that I can still improve.  In other words, I realized that I wasn't really as amazing as I thought I was!  As long as I live, I will never forget how much Xavier helped on the court and off because of his fantastic knowledge of the game of basketball and life.

-Marin 8th Grader



Jen Chou

I have always been an active person, but this last year has been hard with a major injury to my daughter and my husband away. Now life is back to normal and I finally decided I was ready for some "me" time. I was ready for a change.
I started by going to the rail-yard class at Xavier’s gym about three months ago. It is an amazing workout that really gets your heart rate up and gets you going. However, one of Xavier’s biggest concerns is that people learn to workout with the right posture and muscles and avoid injury. I was too weak in my legs to do some of the rail-yard correctly. This lead to me training with Xavier one on one to become stronger. I have been through six personal training sessions with Xavier and all I can say is he’s an amazing man!! I am starting to feel stronger and better about me.
X has an a charisma like no one else I have ever met. He pushes me past my safety zone, but always compliments me and gives me positive reinforcement. X makes me want to change my body for me! He makes me believe the sky is the limit and I can reach it. Body By X is also a great place to be. X makes sure everyone in the gym know each other's name, everyone is there because they want to feel better and X makes you feel welcome!
I love the hugs, the kisses, and being a part of Xavier and Nadia’s extended family! If you have a minute stop by it will be the best thing you ever did for your body and your health and I guarantee you are always welcome!

Just look for the big guy in purple!!



Lorenzo Jones

So . . . if you are looking to lose weight, lose inches, or just plain get in shape Body by X gym is for you.

I have accomplished all of the above not to mention make new friends in the process. Nadia and X have created a warm family environment while focusing on results. Thanks for the support!




I first met Xavier over three years ago when our daughters started kindergarten at the same school. If there were a parent of the year award given out at our school, Xavier would get it hands down. I am consistently impressed and in awe with the way Xavier relates to kids. Our daughters are friends, so my daughter has spent much time with Xavier. She has grown to love and respect him. He is an amazing influence on her. But that's nothing compared to what he's done, and is still doing, for my son. My son is 17 and has a learning disability. He struggles socially, doesn't connect with many of his peers and has a tremendous lack of self confidence. He's not very athletic and is very low muscle-toned.

About a year ago, I thought it would be good for him physically if he began working out on a regular basis. I sent him to Xavier. I knew my son would like Xavier, and I knew Xavier could get him into shape, but I had no idea the positive influence Xavier would have on my son. Yes, Xavier trains him but Xavier has also become a life coach for my son. Because of the relationship they have developed, my son is much more social, engaged, respectful, energized, loving, content and just a happier kid (and of course in better shape). Xavier is probably the most positive influence my son has in his life.

Mother of a Marin Teen



For 3 yers now I have been training with X and he has not only made me a better but also an even better person.  He is funny, kind and unique.  Before I met Xavier I was a good athlete, now I am a GREAT athlete.  He has made everyone I have seen him train become stronger and healthier.  He knows what he's doing and he does it right.  As a kid, it is important for me to be healthy and he has definitely influence me.

5th grader



My hero is named Xavier, also known as "X".  X is a guy who works out at his gym every single day.  His gym is or kids up to any age.  X is a trainer that looks like a superhero and he is training me to be physically fit.  X sometimes has to bring his son and or his daughters to the gym with him when he is training someone. He seems like a good dad.  His kids do homework while X works out with me.  I'm glad that X found a way to take care of his kids while also helping me get physically fit.  If I work really hard, maybe someday I'll be as fit as X.

4th grader


BODY BY X is a warm and friendly neighborhood gym, just off Highway 101 in Corte Madera.  I love working out there!  This grandmother finally decided to get in shape and boy, did I find the right place.  The yearly cost to become a member is very reasonable.

X (Xavier) and his wife Nadia made me feel welcome from Day One, introducing me to other members for a personal connection, plus giving great hugs for Hello and Goodby.  

All the class trainers are good and very encouraging with newbies like me.  They give me positive feedback while I'm learning, which keeps me motivated.  So far I've done indoor cycling, rowing, and yoga.  More advanced workout classes are offered too.

X has a group of personal trainers, including himself, skilled at getting you to push beyond what you thought was possible, and finding the right workout mix for each individual body.  

I've talked to several other members who have some pretty amazing stories of their own progress:  weight-wise, health-wise, injury-recovery-wise, and otherwise.  The variety of machines, and free weights, are all in excellent condition and the gym is very clean.  

Music from an awesome sound system is always on and fits each class perfectly.  It's always a different mix.  During non-class time the long movie sound tracks are ideal for individual self-directed workouts, either on machines or stretching on a yoga mat.

The person who gave one star to BODY BY X absolutely had to be thinking about a different gym (X Gym in Corte Madera).  My positive, upbeat experience at BODY BY X is the total opposite of what he reported.  I'm hooked on BODY BY X !!





Yeah wow, I'm not sure where the person who gave this gym one star went but it could not have been Body By X because my experience was completely the opposite!!! X (Xavier) himself trained the living @#$%^& outta me!!! I was actually shocked on a number levels.

#1. He got me, he actually got my number when most people never do. And he knew exactly how to "train" me to the best of my potential.
#2. I thought I was a hard trainer. I thought that because I push myself physically on a semi-regular basis that I could handle his training with no problem. Ummm NO!
#3. I was sore - really sore in a very good way, for 4 days afterwards!!!

This is a fantastic gym and I had a fantastic experience. It's small and intimate and people say hello to each other!!! I love that! It's not a meat market and it's not uncomfortable. I plan on going back for training 3 days a week (OMG am I glutton for punishment or what?) and will report back after I have done so for a month or two.


Kimberly H.



This is a great place to go when you want to get in shape AND be a part of a healthy, friendly community. Xavier and Nadia are people who genuinely care about the progress and overall well-being of their clients. I don't know any other trainers or fitness centers that could have their members excited to work out at 5:30 in the mornings, but Body by X definitely did that for me and numerous other people. I would recommend this place to anyone who's looking to improve their  health and meet a lot of great people at the same time!


Ashley D.



I think the existing review may be for another gym in Corte Madera called X Gym, because the description is nothing like the experience at Body by X.  Yelp should check with the author and re-direct the negative review to the intended facility.  

Body by X is a family owned training center where you get personalized attention from trainer Xavier and his wife Nadia.  The yearly cost to join the center is a bargain $500 and most classes are available to members at NO extra cost.  The heart of the center is a half basketball court backed by an artist's graffiti tagged wall.  Aside from X using the court to train kids for basketball, the hardwood floor is used for a unique class called railyard, as well as indoor cycling class, yoga class, rowing class, etc.  The perimeter of the court is surrounded by high end weight machines which work every body part and also cardio machines (indoor cycling bikes and rowing machines).  

The vibe of the place is clean and energetic with tunes pumping out of the great sound system, big screens playing sports highlights, and everything well maintained.  

It's one of the few fitness places where women, men, and kids can all find something that fits.  The railyard is a particularly challenging set up where you jump, do footwork through a rope ladder, pump the arms and legs through low hurdles, and do any other number of challenging elements.  It's functional fitness where you're lifting and moving your own body weight, doing plyometrics, and working until you're exhausted.  Something unique to the center is that X runs conditioning classes for kids aged 10 and up and inspires great results.  I've witnessed out-of-shape kids transform into nimble athletes.  

Xavier is a talented personal trainer and he keeps an eye on anyone who's in the center.  You can count on him to give you a welcoming shout by name when you arrive, help you with your form, cheer on your efforts to finish a set, sing along with the tunes, all while working with his client and doing some impressive dance moves.  

If you like a small gym where you'll be accountable because you won't be anonymous, you'll love the personalized attention and family feel of Body by X.


Nancy O.



Training with X has been an unbelievable experience for me. I came to X for help in getting fit for playing soccer at my college in the fall! Immediately I could tell that X was the kind of person I could establish a friendship with as well as be motivated by him. Xavier believed in me, as a person and an athlete, which made me, want to work harder and push myself every time I trained with him. Not only was his training at the top level and exceeded my expectations, Xavier’s gym and state-of-the-art-equipment is the kind of equipment that can take your goals to the next level. The whole atmosphere at Body by X was phenomenal. Everyone was happy and excited to be there. At body by X you could really tell that it was a family especially getting to meet and train with his wife Nadia and son Luca. I felt comfortable and at home at Body by X, which made it a place I looked forward to workout at and come back everyday. I can honestly say that when I am at school I will miss the atmosphere of Body by X. Not only have I received excellent training and was able to see the results of my hard work I know I have forged a great friendship. One of the many things about working with Xavier, separating him from other personal trainers is that you get a genuine sense that he wants you to succeed even more than you want to yourself. Xavier cares about every one of his clients and treats them as part of his “Body by X family,” where you can feel the sense of community you do not receive from other gyms. Working with Xavier this summer was a great experience and opportunity that I am grateful for and without a doubt I will be back.

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